Results 2018

Congratulations to our winners of the german open 2018:

Strictly Novice
1st : Daniel Matias & Jacinthe Richaus
2nd: Viktor Dymbo & Martina Micoli
3rd:  Mickael Lam & Jessica Crochot

Strictly Open
1st : Sylvain Pele & Katja Roess
2nd: Vincent Lallemand & Cynthia Grosbois
3rd: Quentin-Emmanuel Delage & Manon Morand

WSDC Jack and Jill Newcomer
1st: Christian Strahl & Lisa Palenga
2nd: Sebastian Collen & Jeanine Held
3rd: Leah Grudstein & Emilie Paille

WSDC Jack and Jill Novice
1st: Daniel Matias & Johanna Stötzer
2nd: Viktor Dymbo & Conny Schlemmer
3rd: Jannis Yahja & Lisa Artis

WSDC Jack and Jill Intermediate
1st: Joshua Schubert & Eveline Lauchenauer
2nd: Axel Robin & Jennider Molle
3rd: Fabrice Peyrat & Jula Palenga

WSDC Jack and Jill Advanced
1st: Sylvain Pele & Keerstin Whitefield
2nd: Arnaud Thomas & Melanie Zeltner
3rd: Dirk Haage & Anastasiia Leonenko