We are more than happy to announce our teaching staff for 2017:

Jonh Lindo 2 B&W copy
John Lindo

John Lindo is one of the most popular West Coast Swing-Dancers in the world! Countless titles speak for themselves. Besides others, he won, for example, one of the most wanted titles “Phoenix Champion of Champions”. His precise instructions and corrections are easy to follow, so every dancer can take a lot of new information from his workshops.


Maxime & Torri Zzaoui



Maxime and Torri Zzaoui are two of the top superstars of the international West Coast Swing Scene. Both are dancing their whole lives and are very successful at all kinds of competitions. We are looking forward to their great workshops with that extra entertainment.

Olivier & Virginie Massart


Olivier and Virginie Massart, event directors of the French Open West Coast Swing at Euro Disney in Paris teach since 2006 and since then made themselves widely popular in the scene. Not only for creating the yearly WCS worldwide flahmob, but also for being great teachers who create each class very informative and full of fun.


Parker Dearborn


Parker Dearborn’s specialty is unique choreography and funky styling with emphasis on music interpretation. Parker has won many championships in the Swing venues all over the U.S. His style of dancing is very popular with the younger generation of Swing dancers today!


Melissa Rutz

Melissa Rutz is ranked among the top West Coast Swing dancers in the world and has won numerous champion level competitions including Showcase Swing, Classic Swing, Strictly Swing, Team, and Jack & Jill Competitions. She is known for her versatility as a dancer. She has performed in a variety of solo works on stage as well as on the industrial scene. For example, she had the pleasure of working as Christina Aguilera’s dance double in her music video, Candyman.

Brad Whelan

Brad Whelan is not only the most popular photographer in the West Coast Swing scene, he is also an amazing social dancer, entertainer and teacher. We are really looking forward to his classes and his famous competition workshop!

Wayne Powell & Aggi Dzierwa

 Wayne & Aggi are the directors of numerous WCS-events all over Europe. His charming british attitude and her funny polish personality make them an unstoppable duo in dancing and teaching. As passionate social dancers, they are known to be among the last ones on the dancefloor every night.


DJs:   Justin Petersen (UK) // Shawn Tobias (USA) // Nicolas Handschuh (CH) // Uta Badenhorst (FR)

Live Music: Murray Hockridge (UK) (Thursday & Saturday)