This was our extraordinary team in 2019:


John Lindo and Jessica Cox are two of the most popular West Coast Swing-Dancers in the world! Countless titles speak for themselves. Their precise instructions and corrections are easy to follow, so every dancer can take a lot of new information from their workshops.



Maxime and Torri Zzaoui are two of the top superstars of the international West Coast Swing Scene. Both are dancing their whole lives and are very successful at all kinds of competitions. We are looking forward to their great workshops with that extra entertainment.





Wayne Powell and Aggi Dzierwa embody the pure love for West Coast Swing. Their Workshops are just as informative as they are fun to experience. Any dancer, no matter what level, can take a lot of new information and moves from the workshop right into the social or competitive dancing.



Philipp Wolff was the first German Dancer winning the Rising Star Division at the US Open. Together with his lovely wife Ekaterina they will share their secret of successful competition dancing and their favorite dance moves.



….more to come….